Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 3 - 3rd January 2018- Blue Jay, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Grackle

The moon was brilliant shining up over the tree line  when I got home from Trivia last evening (by the way we won).  It was nice to start again after the Christmas break and a fun evening - we did lots of laughing.  We went to town yesterday morning and picked up what provisions we needed for the upcoming storm. I'm still somewhat confused by what they are offering - warning but looks like we will get everything and anything so a power outage will probably occur. Did start a little of the clean out of my sewing/photography room in the afternoon - this might take a while! Definitely need to purge some things and try to re-organize the space.  Today we'll fill water jugs, charge up cell phone, kobo etc. Cooked a turkey yesterday - so also plan to make a big pot of hearty turkey-veggie soup and some brown bread rolls today. Easy food to reheat and warm a body through.

A nice pop of color - Blue Jay
Not a great shot but this Red Breasted Nuthatch was in take off mode

Our resident Grackle along with the Red Winged Blackbird and a Mourning Dove.

Enjoy your day!

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