Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 13 - 13th January 2018 - Reflections and Grasses

I've overslept or slept in not sure which but it felt good for a change.  Now there is a "rainfall and wind" warning up on the weather sites. I guess by the way the wind has been howling all night I didn't really need to read it, but they are right. We are ready for a power outage, although my plan is to  make a pot of storm chili, so I probably need to get that underway soon. Had a great morning at work, then it was Thelma and Louise lunch out. Larry of course beat us all in marbles (Aggravation). Sooner or later we will get him back! Today will be a housework day and maybe Chase the Ace in Jordan. Since the internet is slow and I've slept in, we are really late this morning.

Grasses and clouds in the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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