Sunday, January 14, 2018

Day 14 - 14th January 2018- Reflections, Fungi and an Old Tree

So it's confirmed - I've become lazy - two mornings in a row not up before 6am! I'll take it when I can. It's a little chillier this morning and there's snow on the ground. We haven't had a fire in the furnace since Friday night. Saturday was warm enough that you could have opened the windows. Very balmy indeed with our normal wind - way too windy! But now we head back to more seasonal temperatures, hopefully it won't go too cold. Did a little housework and made a big pot of chili yesterday morning. Got out for a quick walk in the hood. Then the girls and I went to Chase the Ace in Jordan - no wins for any of us, but the Ace did go. Think we might take a run to town today, I've got the urge to do some Frenchy's shopping and I've got a gift card I can use from Christmas. Time for a few new sweaters. If the weather is good, might take a run to the industrial park.
 I like the peacefulness along the lake.
 Fungi cover this tree stump.
This old dead tree has survived the winds.

Enjoy your day!

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