Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 220 - 12th August 2017 -Hermit Thrush, Red Eyed Vireo and Black & White Warbler

Cloudy and overcast , rain on it's way later this morning. What we had on Tuesday brought the lake up quite a bit but some more won't hurt. I guess it's not going to be a beach day so we'll head off to Yarmouth for a few hours to do some shopping. There's a few things I need to get and hopefully it won't be a day long event. Will take Big B. and maybe take a run out to the Cape Forchu area. Had a good day yesterday, did a few things around the house in the morning. Margie and I had lunch in town, a couple of errands and I called the Telephone company to get something done with our phone service.
 Hermit Thrush
 Black & White Warbler with breakfast
 Red Eyed Vireo

Enjoy your day!

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