Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 193 - 16th July 2017- Boats and Camp Life

Saturday turned out fine, no rain, lots happening on the waterfront. I enjoyed my day at the Shelburne County Museum, back at the Ross Thomson House today. Lots of people around the waterfront enjoying the re-enactors, booths and and music. It's the weekend that you get to see folks that you haven't seen in ages. Today the Museums have a special event starting at noon - the launch of our 150 Dory. Made by the master dory maker with artwork produced by students and painted by signsmith John Smith. It should be quite a beauty! Hoping to get some good photos.
 Boat in the harbour.
 I believe she has an audience with the Colonel.
 Ladies and camp followers preparing for the day.
Camp life.

Meal preparations

Enjoy your day!

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