Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 182 - 5th July 2017 - Northern Parula, Rabbit and Rose

Tuesday was another hot one! Lovely evening on the deck watching the birds flit around the trees in the yard. I assume the Northern Parulas and Chickadees have left the nest, both are more numerous and fun to watch. The Hermit Thrush was in the grass gathering food while another sat somewhere nearby singing. I can listen to that songster all evening. Going to be a long day, not much sleep last night - one of those and up too early this morning. No rhyme or reason to my sleep pattern. On well I get a couple days off after today, hopefully I can keep from nodding off at work. Loons are very vocal in the lake, sun is just starting to peek through. We had a little rain sometime earlier.

A young Northern Parula in the Lilac Bush.

 The rabbit population seems to be booming, haven't seen so many around in a long time.
From my old rose bush that probably was planted with the first owners of the property.

Enjoy your day

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