Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 187 - 10th July 2017 - Northern Parulas, Reflections and Grasses

Sunday the fog lifted and turned out to be a very hot day, thankfully on the waterfront we get a good breeze usually by the afternoon.  A fair number of visitors around on the weekend, I was surprised, thought everyone would be tending the beaches. Song Sparrows are all singing this morning, daylight is filtering through the trees along the lake, another good day in the making. Promises for a busy week and upcoming weekend. It's the Founder's Day Festival - always lots of people around for that. Fingers crossed for fine weather.
 I think we have a family of Northern Parulas in the yard these days.

 Lovely calm morning on the lake, the old twisted tree reflects well in the water.
Grasses along the shore.

Enjoy your day!

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