Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 191 - 14th July 2017 - Hermit Thursh, Robin and Roses

So that's the days off for this week, heading back in to work this morning. Been a great couple of days. Feels a little cooler - less humidity today, hope it stays that way and was better for sleeping last night.  A rain shower or two late yesterday afternoon, didn't really amount to much. The lake has started dropping, can see rocks I couldn't see a week ago. Cooked ribs early on Thursday and muffins before the heat hit, finished a few things around the house and then Margie and I did Friday on Thursday and went to lunch. A book launch last evening finished off the day.
 The Hermit Thrush is always showing me what he's caught.

Another one perched down the road. Seems to be lots around.

 The yard is busy with Robins
Roses are blooming along the roadside.

Enjoy your day!

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