Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 180 - 3rd July 2017 - Deer, Cedar Waxwing and Yellow Warbler

It's Monday, still a holiday weekend for some (Larry included) but I'm back to work today. I get my extra day later this week since the museums are open every day which is fine by me. Of course the sun is going to shine today, I could have used a sunny Sunday. It did stop raining yesterday afternoon but was mostly cloudy and overcast. I puttered around, did some reading,  roamed the hood and picked up groceries in town. No great excitement, but restful. We did run down to the Industrial Park before shopping but it was still drizzling. Lots of Yellow Warblers around, some Cedar Waxwings, a Catbird, Song Sparrows, Red Eyed Vireos and a American Redstart. Maybe I'll see something in the hood this morning.

Not sure who startled who, when she popped her head up out of the ditch.

 Cedar Waxwing
Yellow Warbler

Enjoy your day!

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